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Flu and Covid Booster Vaccine Clinic

This winter we are providing the adult Flu injection and the option of  Covid Winter Booster Vaccine for our patients. 

Both Flu and Covid winter booster vaccines are available at the same time or separately.


Also available:

Childrens nasal flu (no injection) for 2-17 year olds:

Bookings coming soon.

  • 2-12 years are eligible for FREE nasal vaccine

  • 13-17 years, only those who are in an at-risk group are eligible. 


Pneumococcal vaccine:

Please ask nurse during your visit. 


Covid Winter booster:

Available with flu vaccine or on a different day. 

 Eligible patients:

  • Those aged 50 years and older.

  • Those aged 5-49 with medical conditions associated with a higher risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation, severe disease or death.

  • Those aged 18-49 who, following discussion of their reasons with a health care provider (e.g., GP, pharmacist or vaccination centre), request vaccination. 

  • Health and care workers.  


** If times on line are not suitable please phone reception to book a time for you.

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