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We are experienced in providing a large range of vaccines.


Covid Vaccines:

These are being administered in our practice in accordance with the HSE guidance. Currently we are contacting patients directly when they are eligible for a vaccine.

Vaccinations for Holiday / Business Travel:

We are fully trained in advising you the required vaccinations for your destination with up-to-date government advice. Importantly we are a specialist centre for YELLOW FEVER vaccination.

Health Screening Pre and Post-Travel:

If you need a medical screen before travelling overseas or you have returned back home.

Influenza / Pneumoccal Vaccination:

Pneumoccal vaccine is recommened to everyone over the age of 65. Also there is a specific list of patients with co-morbidities that recommend pneumococcal in with cardiac, diabetic or respiratory illness.

In winter we supply an efficient flu-vaccine clinic for patients.

Occupational Vaccines:

If you need to have vaccines for your work such as cover against Hepatitis B, Tetanus, etc.

NGO / Assignment / Charity Vaccines:

If you are travelling with a group (schools, aid and development, charity walks, etc) we do a full assessment and arrange your pre and post-travel vaccines/medical advice.

Childhood vaccination programme:

Our practice provides the vaccination programme to children. This starts at 8 weeks-old and parents are given the recommended schedule.

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